Let's awaken the joy of cooking

give children the opportunity to create and
be independent


I’m the Chef is a cookbook created for children aged 2 to 8, particularly notable for its reliance on visuals with a minimal use of words.

The cookbook is playful, colorful, simple, uses Montessori principles and minimal of hazardous kitchen tools and.

Within the cookbook, you’ll find budget-friendly and easy recipes that don’t require cooking, Making it easier for little chefs and their parents to explore the secrets of the culinary world.

Recipes are divided into groups. Each of them is outlined with a different color, making the cookbook more organized. Inside the box, you’ll find 6 types of groups with 5 recipes each.

Let’s give children the space to discover the world of adults.

How does it look like?

The ‚I’m the Chef‘ Cookbook is designed as water-resistant and tear-resistant cards (Yupo paper) to withstand the dirty hands of children, accidental spills, sibling disagreements, and the test of time.

The cookbook will be printed in two language versions: Czech and English.

This way, it can bring joy to not only Czech families but also to children in English-speaking kindergartens and foreign kids.

Each recipe is divided into two pages.

The cover page features the final image of the recipe, from which a child selects the dish they want to cook. It also includes a list of ingredients and tools needed to create the chosen meal, presented in both visual and written form.

In the top left corner, there’s a clock icon indicating the preparation time, and on the opposite side, you’ll find the recipe number within the group.

The second page is dedicated to a process where each step is numbered and represents one action.


All the recipes were created from childhood memories or inspired by current trends. However, there might be instances where your little chef doesn’t fancy a particular ingredient, or you don’t have all the required ingredients listed in the recipe at home. Don’t let that discourage you—suggest the possibility of making a change. Give your child the opportunity to become the creator of their very own recipe, inspired by their preferences for the day. Ingredients can be adapted based on taste, preference, and inspiration.

Don’t want to use sugar? Use honey or another sweetener substitute.

Even allergies are not a hindrance. Simply use allergen-free equivalents of the ingredients


This cookbook was created to bring joy to children all around the world, including Czech children, those from mixed families, expatriate children, and children living in or from abroad. 

You can purchase our cookbook either through our e-shop or at the following retail locations:

Prague – Soul Design, Národní Obrany 37, Prague 6

Příbram – Eduarts, Nám. T. G. Masaryka čp. 152


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